RTS- Hop on Board!

We’ve gotten a bit off track this week as far as keeping with a regular theme for posts. Well, I should say I have gotten off track. Hope you will forgive me!

Today I just want to share one of the exciting things we are working on. Ambrelee and I have both been actively working to improve, improve, improve and to bring you new and interesting things. This week we added a new Facebook Group where we can post RTS sales and daily deals. We did this for a few reasons. One was to cut down on the amount of salesy type posts on the wall and showing up in your news feeds. Another was so that people who actually want to get in on sales still can, and be notified of new deals when they happen. Since it’s a group, it’s kind of like an opt in situation. Join the group, get the deals =) We’d love to have you Join Us.

Its a prop thing group

Know what else we’d love? To see your awesome photos! We are still running a contest weekly for anyone, not just photographers, who have purchased our product. Post your product image (in use) on our wall and we will choose one each week as the profile image for the page AND the chosen image gets a gift from us! Very exciting!

Can’t wait to see you around!

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